Limits on drone use among new Florida laws taking effect

More than a hundred laws are expected to take effect on Wednesday in Florida. Among them, the law set to protect the Floridians against unwanted surveillance has been the talk of large number of citizens.

The law against unwanted surveillance however, it does not specify on when the devices can be put into action. It generally states that aerial drones that are unmanned cannot be utilized for surveillance.

Stephen Myers, who owns Angels Eyes UAV said that the law was a good idea as per his thoughts.

Drones have a wide range of usage starting from monitoring the environment, aerial mapping and property assessing. The law states that licensed individuals can use the drones to perform helpful tasks in the field. Drones can be utilized to survey property charges, for airborne mapping, and to direct ecological observing. Many real estate companies in Naples also use these drones to take aerial photos of homes and properties for listing purposes. The law likewise says that automatons can be utilized by a man authorized by the state to perform “sensible assignments inside of the extension” of the individual’s occupation. Myers said that could mean insurance agencies can utilize drones for rooftop inspections or to review large grounds, such as golf courses, for damage assessment after a bad storm.

Rep. Beam Rodrigues, R-Estero, said he bolstered the law in light of the fact that it ensured Floridians’ security, while as yet permitting some business employments.

The automaton or the unwanted surveillance law is one of handfuls including the state’s $78 billion spending arrangement and an almost $400 million tax reduction bundle that became effective Wednesday, the first day of the state’s financial year.